Making a difference with a touch

StayKare provides trustworthy, compassionate, senior home care services that enables your loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home. All caregivers are thoroughly screened, experienced, professional, and reliable. StayKare Caregivers provide a variety of non-medical services that can help families restore balance, order and peace to their lives.

Personal Care
StayKare assists with showering, sponge baths, and bed baths. In the process of bathing our caregivers observe the skin and watch for any kind of breakdown.
StayKare assists with washing and blow-drying hair, shaving, and the use of personal care products such as deodorant and applying nourishing skin care products such as lotion.
Oral Hygiene
StayKare assists with the morning routine of dressing for the day or the night routine of undressing for bed.
StayKare assists with getting on or off the toilet, incontinent care, and perineal care.
Household Care, Meals, & More
Light Housekeeping
Consists of cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom, bedside toilet, trash disposal, changing bed linens, laundry, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming
Meal Prep
StayKare prepares nourishing meals and snack that coincide with special diet restrictions such as, diabetes, heart disease, lactose intolerance or gluten free. Any food that is prepared and placed in the refrigerator is labeled, dated, and rotated.
Grocery Shopping
StayKare keeps an ongoing list of needed food or supplies and if needed, can go shopping for you.
Special Care
Post-Surgery Support
Let StayKare be your hands and feet during the restrictions placed on you after your surgery.  When you have someone like StayKare assisting you during post-surgery, it allows for your body to heal and grow stronger. Having someone on hand also provides the peace of mind that helps you become more confident each day in your healing process.
At home Respite Care
StayKare provides caregivers that can step in and give your primary caregiver some much needed rest. This would also be an opportunity for your primary caregiver to meet obligations or attend appointments within their own life.
Hospice Support
StayKare works closely with Hospice assuring that your loved one is kept clean, comfortable, and feeling safe during his or her last days.
Alzheimer Support
There are many stages to Alzheimer. StayKare caregivers are prepared to meet the needs of your loved one in whatever stage they may be in.
Daily Needs Care
Daily Activities
StayKare assists with activities of daily living to help meet our client’s needs in order that they may be able to reside in their own home.
Doctor’s Appointments and Errands
Staykare caregivers can help meet the needs of our clients by taking them to their doctor appointments, physical therapy sessions, and dialysis. Also available, are trips to the beauty shop, church, shopping, or visiting a loved one.
Vital Signs
Upon the family’s request, Caregivers will take vital signs such as glucose levels, Blood Pressure readings, and measuring their Oxygen level with documentation.
Medicine Reminders
Reminders: StayKare is a Non-medical Personal Assistance Service (PAS) that assists our clients by reminding them to take their medicine at the prescribed time, opening hard to open medicine containers, reading labels, providing a glass of water, and documenting the time of intake.